Wanting a quick home sale due to home repossession? Here's a few tips on what to avoid and what to try to become successful in the process

Just like in any business, real estate business also has its frauds and shady transactions. In this chapter we would like to give you a few advice on what to take care of, what to look for when wanting to sell our property quick and so many other things.

Never promise anything or give your word on anything

Until you are dead sure that the client can pay the whole sum for you. This is essential as most of the frauds happen right before signing a contract. Make sure your client has all the necessary documentation to prove that he/she/they have enough money to pay for you the exact sum which you agreed on in writing. As an addition, never commit to anything before it's legally written down.

The reason for this is simple. There are many property frauds, which do either one of the following:

  • They will make you believe they can pay you a certain sum up until the very point of signing a legal contract, when they will suddenly say that they can only pay around 30% less. This is a common issue and causes tons of problems, because by this time you must have cancelled everyone who would have wanted to view or buy your property and you might even be ready with the moving out. Many actually abuse this situation and force the home owners to sell property faster as if they would have no other choice,
  • They will make you give your word that they will get the property. Which means if any better client comes, you are still bound to sell the property to them and not the new client. This is exactly why you should never ever forget not to promise anything until the legal contract has been signed.

Never let people know how desperate you are to sell your property

There are so many better pulling factors which can actually bring you much more money than asking a much lower price for your property. If real estate sharks (not proper agents) see your property they will do their best to bring you in a situation to sell your property for them for an even cheaper price.

Observe if there are any methods for you to make money to win time

Try Airbnb or rent out your property in another way to rent out your property. This way, you may make enough money to reach an agreement before repossession and to win time for you to actually sell your property for that it's worth, or not sell it at all. There are so many people who look for rentals, especially if you happen to leave in a city or town with many universities and other educational facilities that you can rent out one or two rooms or the whole house for a good money.

Keep this tips and if you really need to sell, choose a seasoned and certified real estate agent do to it all for you. You will spare tons of time and free yourself from lots of stress if you do so.